Things to know about the RAC services

Driving tests are a very valuable service while buying a secondhand automobile because many different companies offer them. Car checks are provided by certain industry-leading vehicular all-rounders, such as the RAC and Mintco yet there exist also distinct experts that perform the services. RAC especially, as a supplier of car inspections, is assessing what they have to give in every one of their programs and also as a company. It is the most effective approach to assist you in making a thorough and educated choice on which to pursue, and as a company built on openness.

Packages for Examination

Automotive inspection programs which are offered for buying are usually the initial visit for most car inspection customers. Every service offers a variety of packages that may be employed to make the most effective of your specific circumstances, but they vary from company to company.


Because RAC is such a well-known company, you’ll begin by examining just at services they provide. There are three packages available, ranging from simple to comprehensive, and most of them scale up in cost and depth as you’d anticipate. They are as follows:

  • Fundamental
  • Complete
  • Advanced

These three do not even allow much more to the guesswork and enable you to select the most suited degree for the objectives. The test drive only with RAC differs with every degree of examination.

Its baseline inspection includes a 3-mile driving course, which is much less than other inspections on the marketplace, and it is probably of the main explanations for the cheaper price, given the increased set of points claimed to be covered in the full inspection.

The next inspection includes a 9-mile driving course, as well as the enhanced test includes a 22-mile driving course, which would be the longest in the contrast.


Inside the extent that now the cost quotations on the website look subjective since RAC inspection Perth charging is considerably different from many other firms who offer car checks. The quoted product prices are the requirements, with such an indication that the cost varies depending on the car’s vintage, make a brand, or even usage. This includes concerns like the lower-price package being not offered to vehicles older than ten years.

Some kinds of cars, such as 4x4s as well as luxury automobiles, as well as anything with more than 110,000 miles on the odometer, might see their values rise.

Honesty and customer support are now at the center of everything RAC inspection Perth gets as a company, and they’re constantly searching for new methods to add value to their consumers in any way they can.